Website Design & Development

Having a web presence is almost as essential as having a telephone number for your business or organization. It is a powerful communication medium that puts you in touch with the world. GFTS, LLC. provides professional, high-impact sites through:

Site Architecture, Design and Construction
Websites are more than scintillating graphics: They contain complex software components that require top-down engineering. We architect cost-effective websites that effective, reliable and easy to maintain.

Graphic Design
Graphic Design is where art-meets-technology-meets-marketing. GFTS, LLC. artists create award-winning websites.

Site Re-Design
A website is like a loaf of bread: it gets stale. Spruce up your website by leveraging your web investment. Or add new functionality that integrates seamlessly with your existing site.

Data-driven Websites
Information is constantly changing. A Data-driven website allows rapid, user-managed data entry that is reflected instantly on a website.

Video Editing and Rendering
Video is a powerful medium that is effective for a wide range of users, thanks to the ever-widening bandwidth available today. Whether for training, product promotion or general information video adds pizzazz to a website.

Flash, CGI, PHP, ASP, JavaScript, MS SQL, MySQL, MS Access, Dynamic HTML, XML, more…
Utilize the best technology platforms for your website.